Tuesday, January 22nd, 2019

Gorham Bypass is set to open in mid-December 2008

After more than 50 long years since city officials first started talking about it, the new Gorham Bypass is set to open in mid-December 2008 according to the Maine Department of Transportation.

Amazingly, the project will finish 6 months ahead of schedule.  Approximately 7,200 vehicles are expected to use the 3.4 mile road on a daily basis once finished

Maine’s congressional delegation, particularly Rep. Tom Allen, D-1st District who helped earmark federal funds should be given credit for helping this project become a reality.

The new bypass will connect Route 25 to Route 114 which will be a huge relief to families that bought homes on South Street years ago expecting the traffic to be re-routed with the new bypass.

Many experts believe the new Gorham bypass will be a boon to small businesses around the intersection because currently rush hour traffic makes it difficult to get to them.

There are rumors of a Northern bypass being built, but there isn’t any funding for it yet.