Tuesday, January 22nd, 2019

GO Zone Newsletter 10/13

The following is a copy of the newsletter that we sent out on October 13, 2008.

With the lack of positive news in the credit markets, turmoil in the stock markets, and government bailouts for Wall Street, the average investor has taken it on the chin. With the government handing out money to Wall Street CEOs and institutions it would be nice if the small investor on Main Street could get one of these bailouts.

What if there was a way for you to get $73,000 from the government to invest in the #1 Real Estate Market in the U.S.? To good to be true you say? Well the government has already released millions of dollars to every-day investors like you in the first round of the Small Rental Assistance Program and in 48 hours (after one year of waiting) they are opening up the second round. If the government is giving away Billions to Wall Street fat cats, you should get in line on one of the rare opportunities when they offer it out to small Main Street investors as well.

We have spent over a year putting this project together and are giving our investors the first chance at it this week. It will open for reservation on Wednesday October 15th, 2008 at 1pm Eastern time when the Government opens the application process to this program. After this week, we are going to release this opportunity to our national network of brokers and expect it to sell-out within a few weeks. We even have an opportunity available on a limited number of units that is completely contingent upon approval to the government program!

Your investment could yield a 270.4% instant return thanks to this program. If you have $27,000 dollars to invest, you could without risk, get a return of $73,000!

We already have had successful history with this program, as we had over 70 investors get approvals in the first round.

In addition to this awesome government program this investment is in the GO Zone and is eligible for HUGE Federal Tax Benefits known as Bonus Depreciation.  The GO Zone can help you save tens of thousands and maybe even hundreds of thousands of dollars in federal income tax. We provide complimentary consultations with our 33 year veteran CPA to maximize your tax benefit. DO NOT dismiss this Bonus Depreciation Benefit! Most investors invest in the GO Zone just for this benefit alone!  You owe it to yourself to find out exactly how much you will save in taxes, so take advantage of the complimentary one-on-one consultation.

In this financial market, there could not be a better opportunity to put your money into, because the risk is removed from the equation. Have you ever seen an opportunity where the U.S. Government pays 54% annually for 5 years up front? You will probably never see it again in our lifetime.

This is a first come first serve basis for the SRAP, and we expect to sell out this project within weeks, so do not hesitate to contact us at 561-404-7375. We expect you to have questions and urge you to call us with them.

Most people are lucky to get any kind of a positive return in this environment so don’t miss your chance.

We also have a complete due diligence package completed for you to review by clicking here.