Tuesday, January 22nd, 2019

GO Zone Developers

GO Zone Gateway is dedicated to offering Real Estate investors the best deals, options and education in the GO Zone. We realize that investors have different reasons for investing in the GO Zone, so we have gathered a diverse product line to meet your specific needs. No one in the GO Zone has had more one on one conversations and free portfolio consultations than we have. The GO Zone area is a unique addition to any Real Estate portfolio. Whether you are looking for cash flow, best potential appreciation, 50% bonus depreciation, small rental assistance program (SRAP), minimal down payment or a combination of these, we have the product that will be best for you.

We are currently offering the following construction methods.

:: Stick Built (both elevated and slab)
Pros: Build to elevation requirements on lower elevation and affordable lots.
Cons: Insurance costs more and potentially higher construction cost.

:: Steel Frame
Pros: Lower insurance premiums.
Cons: Labor intensive, which potentially increases the cost to investors.

:: Modular (both elevated and slab)
Pros: Quality construction completed in short period of time and can be elevated easily.
Cons: Insurance is more and normally elevated which has stairs.
Cons: Transportation Costs potentially increase costs to investors.

:: Concrete (solid poured and concrete block)
Pros: Lowest insurance premiums and highest cash flow.
Pros: Highest Quality Construction Method.
Cons: Limited ability to elevate if close to flood zone.
Cons: Currently Limited Locations.

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We offer a full turnkey package for the investor. In addition to our diverse construction methods and location we also have qualified property managers, insurance companies and construction lenders in place. Our team and partners have put in countless hours of due diligence and research to provide you with the best options available in the current market.

Every investor has slightly different needs based on their financial position and goals. The GO Zone developers and projects are NOT a one sized fits all situation as their are a combination of factors including but not limited to price points, cash flow, locations, bonus depreciation benefits and small rental assistance program needs that vary with each investors goals. To get the best possible program crafted for your specific needs contact us to go through a “GO Zone Investor Needs Assessment” including detailed pro’s and con’s of the various programs and detailed pro forma analysis included.

Contact our GO Zone representative at 561-404-7375 for a free consultation to determine what is the best option for you and your portfolio.


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